Sessions at PyCodeConf 2011 about Performance and Python

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Friday 7th October 2011

  • Python is Only Slow If You Use it Wrong

    by Avery Pennarun

    People keep trying to invent ways to make python run faster - JITs, Java and .Net runtimes, threads, eliminating the Global Interpreter Lock. So why can bup process more than 80 megabytes per second per core? Why can the sshuttle VPN route packets at wire speeds? How does plain python thoroughly trounce JITted languages in certain kinds of benchmarks? And what's really so great about deterministic destructors, anyway? Come hear Avery explain it all in this action-packed whirlwind of fact, fiction, and "other."

    At 11:15am to 11:45am, Friday 7th October

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