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Sunday 21st August 2011

  • Hosting Python Web Applications

    by Graham Dumpleton

    Web applications which are able to dynamically deliver up content have become a crucial part of the Internet landscape, with Python becoming an increasingly popular choice for the implementation of all manner of web applications. In order though for users to be able to access your web application you need to host it. The choices available are however many and varied with accurate information on which may be a good choice not always easy to find.

    This talk will give an overview of the different choices available for hosting Python web applications. It will cover mainstream web servers such as Apache and nginx, highlight the architectural differences between them and look at how Python web applications are bolted on to these web servers via language agnostic protocols such as FASTCGI/SCGI/AJP or more integrated solutions such as Apache/mod_wsgi and uWSGI. The alternate architecture of using a standalone Python web server such as gunicorn, Paste server or the CherryPy WSGI server behind a conventional web server acting as HTTP proxy will also be covered.

    The overall aim of the talk will be to give people a better appreciation for how web servers and your Python web application come together and some of the pros and cons of different solutions.

    At 10:20am to 10:50am, Sunday 21st August

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