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  • The Holographic Feed: 4D Problem-Solving and Perception Enhancement in Python

    by David Nevins

    A holographic platform will advance digital tool-making capabilities, creating opportunities to rethink interoperability, portability, ownership and security.

    Some of these issues are not as new as they may seem. Precedent set 150 years ago in solving global clock simultaneity applies today in solving interoperability by means of a holographic feed, synchronizing data for rendering.

    As databases get huge, resolution is reduced. 4D renderings enhance and extend the human capacity for pattern matching and act as a kind of perceptual faculty. Renderings of relationships between diverse data types make antecedents and dependencies, cause and effect, more clear.

    Python is ideal because of its versatility importing data formats and outputs. Prototype in Python, Unity 3D gaming platform and MongoDB will be demo'd.

    At 11:00am to 11:45am, Saturday 17th September

    In Room 5, Executive Conference Center

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