Sessions at QCon London 2011 on Monday 7th March

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  • "The Kiev Experiment": Evolving Agile Partnerships

    by Peter thomas

    A whirlwind journey through the evolution of development processes within a large department of an investment bank working alongside external vendors in Eastern Europe and India. The journey takes place over 5 years of improving techniques and process to deliver a major software programme and describes the journey from a small core band of software engineers to a program of 15 teams spread globally all working on the same codebase.

    We will explain the evolution of the relationships with our vendors, from formal contractual relationships to partnerships based on shared goals alongside the evolution of the teams and processes used for the delivery of the software. We will reflect on the core principles which have enabled this evolution and will explain the patterns which were successful and also the pitfalls to avoid.

    On Monday 7th March