Reading Geek Night 19 schedule


  • How to Make Things and Influence Hackers

    by Oleg Lavrovsky

    In a laconic, yet loosely structured conversation, internationally misplaced geek Oleg Lavrovsky will offer a number of practical ideas for how to get out of a creative rut and brighten up your life through a few good hacks.

  • Kick-Ass Apps with CouchDB & CouchApps

    by Simon Thulbourn

    Simon Thulbourn has the claim to fame of being the first facebook zombie. He also creates CouchApps using CouchDB. He will be giving us a brief introduction to CouchDB and showing us how to use CouchApps for creating prototypes and production apps.

  • Sex, Lies and Instant Messaging

    by Alec Muffett

    Alec Muffett is a veteran security geek who believes strongly in common sense, full disclosure, defence in depth, privacy, integrity, simplicity and open source. With more than 20 years of experience he's currently an independent security consultant, writer and speaker, specialising in architecture and education.

    In this talk he will explore how someone may (if so inclined) minimise the 'digital footprints' into someone else's bedroom!