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Chris Koerner

WordPress, MediaWiki, web & culture nerd. I'm always asking annoying questions. bio from Twitter

Roman Bercot

User experience design and leadership professional. Veterans advocate. Unhealthy fixation with dot grid notebooks.

Jason Gross

Web Designer, Writer, Indiana Hoosier bio from Twitter

Ben Callahan

Middle-aged geek. Prez of @hearsparkbox. Founder of @brworkshop.

Drew Myler

Designer at http://signalhq.com. Not blogging at http://drewmyler.com bio from Twitter

Vizente Freeman

Why are you getting all emotional over a burrito?? Web Developer and Tech nerd. Chicago is my home... bio from Twitter

John Bellone

Head of Systems Core Engineering at @Bloomberg, a Ducati owner, writer, reader and fan of Jameson on the rocks.

David D'Amico

Living in America.

Alan Houser

Founder of Squareflair design studio. HTTPSTER, Filmmaker, Linchpin and interrobang aficionado‽ bio from Twitter

Paul Cook

I build websites at Ohio State University and as a freelancer using Ruby on Rails. bio from Twitter

Nate Klaiber

Husband, Father, and Lead Application Architect at Within3. bio from Twitter

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Justin Harter

Renowned web pro from Indianapolis, Justin is the founder of RefreshIndy (www.refreshindy.com) & Justify Studios (www.justifystudios.com). bio from Twitter

Timothy Ritchey

Programmer bio from Twitter

Charles Perry

Husband, owner of Metakite Software (@Metakite), productivity geek, amateur cook, and homebrewer. Co-host of Release Notes podcast (@release_notes).

Noah Coffey

User Experience Designer bio from Twitter

Andy Johnson

Designer and co-founder of @HarpoonApp.

Jerrod Enders

Visual interpreter bio from Twitter

Clay Reinken

design / photography / internet / burritos / ka+a bio from Twitter

Jordan Brown

I'm a designer, developer, producer, martial artist, husband, dad, and lover of life. bio from Twitter

Branden Wiegand

Driven to reduce my consumption/creation rate. bio from Twitter

Joe Fiorini

Designer at @we_are_di; father, husband, brother, Buddhist. bio from Twitter

Sam Shull

Developer bio from Twitter

Brad Fritz

Indiana Java/web/OSS geek and software developer bio from Twitter

dan ǝɹooɯ

Living in a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. bio from Twitter


i eat rainbows and puke creativity. graphic designer. silkscreen. front-end developer. illustrator. INFJ. quantified self obsessed bio from Twitter

Eric Bellas

engineer, developer, analyst, dad, musician, rec softball player bio from Twitter

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