Sessions at ReLIVE 11 - Researching Learning in Virtual Environments on Thursday 22nd September

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  • Where Next? From the Virtual and Philosophical, to the Real and Practical

    by Andy Piper

    The virtual and digital spaces are exciting frontiers in our
    explorations of how new technology can reshape the ways in which the
    human race learns and interacts. It's exciting, but we are being challenged
    to do more, with less. So, how can we harvest what we learn
    from those spaces, and how are they affecting the ways in which we work?
    Andy will attempt the delicate balancing act of wrapping up the key
    things that we learn and share together at ReLIVE11, and to talk about
    how businesses and large organisations are starting to both explore
    the social web, and exploit new consumer technologies. How is it really
    possible to innovate and be creative, to reach more and new audiences
    and learners?
    He'll also present some of his thoughts about key technologies and research
    directions to watch over the coming 1-5 years.

    At 3:45pm to 4:45pm, Thursday 22nd September