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Saturday 23rd April 2011

  • Elements of chip music

    by lft

    When working with a soundchip such as the SID or the 2A03, the artist faces a number of technical constraints that limit, guide and inspire the creative process. The seminar will highlight and briefly explain some of these constraints, with particular emphasis on how they influenced artists during the golden age of chip music to give rise to some of the clichés that now define the genre. We will also see (and hear) how variations of the same constraints have emerged in other genres and ages, and how composers such as Bach have tackled them in similar or different ways.

    At 12:00pm to 1:00pm, Saturday 23rd April

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Sunday 24th April 2011

  • It's all about the sound - an introduction to mixing music

    by jco

    The process of mixing aims at putting audio tracks together in a way that sounds pleasing to the listeners ear, at the same time bringing out the best of the music. While it has become easy to put some music together with an average netbook, getting the mix right not only requires the right tools, but also some knowledge about how to use them: clicking through presets doesn't help here. This seminar will be about acoustics and perception, audio gear, the typical tools required for mixing and recommendations on how to use them. There might be a bit of myth busting too. So, if you make music yourself and have none or little experience with EQs, dynamic processors, stereo imaging, routing and so on, this is for you. If you are involved with coding games or other applications incorporating audio, you might learn something too.

    At 6:00pm to 7:00pm, Sunday 24th April

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