Sessions at RIA Unleashed Boston 2011 about jQuery

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  • Introduction to jQuery

    by Raymond Camden

    In this session Raymond will provide a basic introduction to jQuery, what it does and what it provides you as a front end developer. This session is intended for developers who are new to JavaScript but have basic understanding of the language.

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  • Streamline your Ajax Requests with AmplifyJS and jQuery

    by Douglas Neiner

    From development to deployment, managing remote data with AJAX or JSONP quickly becomes a difficult and tedious process. Simple server or API changes can invalidate requests or require you to update your code. In this session, you will learn how to use the AmplifyJS library to define, mock and process remote data requests. Using this library, and the techniques taught in this session, you will be able to build extremely flexible integrations with services like Flickr, Netflix, Amazon, Google and solid integrations with your own server code. Take your code organization to the next level with AmplifyJS.

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  • Writing jQuery Plugins: Beginner to Advanced

    by Douglas Neiner

    You may think that jQuery plugins are just pieces of code that other developers release and you use. However, jQuery plugins are an incredible way to structure your website and web application code to be as reusable as possible. In this workshop you will learn how to write your first jQuery plugin, how to add more advanced options and functionality to your plugins, how to minimize configuration by writing contextual code, and finally, how to write advanced widgets using the jQuery UI Widget Factory. No prior plugin knowledge is required for this course, but a basic understanding of jQuery is required.

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