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Thursday 29th September 2011

  • Evented Telephony Application Design with Adhearsion

    by Ben Klang

    Adhearsion is a new way to write voice-enabled applications. It's not just an API or library -- it's a fully-featured framework, the first of its kind, designed for maximal code reuse and intuitiveness. Building on ideas learned from existing Ruby web development frameworks, Adhearsion brings test-driven development, ActiveRecord models and the full power of the Ruby language to the world of telephone applications.

    This talk covers Adhearsion’s powerful eventing interfaces for call control. Rather than handling each call session in a linear (and often blocking) sequence, we can react to events as they happen during the call, such as code reacting to the active speaker in a multi-channel conference, handling mid-call DTMF keypresses or manipulating state as calls are set up and torn down.

    At 2:10pm to 3:05pm, Thursday 29th September

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