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Siva Subrahmanyam

Intellectual solves problems, genius prevents problems. bio from Twitter

Sethupathi Asokan

Co-founder & Director, Josh Software Private Limited. bio from Twitter

Manu Singhal

Develops enterprise mobile apps for Column Technologies.

Akshat Paul

Author & Developer who makes stuff using ruby, rubyOnRails, RubyMotion etc. the agile way. Certified Scrum Master. bio from Twitter

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Habibullah Pagarkar
Akash Devaraju

Want a fine dining experience at your home, let me connect you to an elite chef. CEO @teamchefsocial, CTO @DigiFutura bio from Twitter

Nithin Bekal

Works at crowdstudio.in. Wannabe software craftsman. Liverpool FC fanatic. Book lover. Movie buff. @wowmakers. @crowdstudio_in bio from Twitter

Pradeep Sinha

YAIJ (Yet Another Internet Junkie) bio from Twitter

Ajey Gore (अजेय)

developer, family person, married to @shraddhagore, get-it-working being curious, get-it-right being ocd, nomad techie

Ratnadeep Deshmane

Programming. Travelling. Hiking. Photography. Reading. Thinking. A digital nomad. bio from Twitter

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Kartz Sirasanagandla

Coach. Coder. Consultant. Continuous Learner. Evangelist of Industrial Logic's platform for wannabe Software Craftsman.

Vinay Patel

human. loves God. thinker. philosopher. software developer. reader. investor. loves to travel. plays tabla. bio from Twitter

Mario Stallone

Simply put I just love everything Tech... Right from C to Java to php to Ruby... Will use anything new and experiment and debate on what I feel suits me...:-) bio from Twitter

Kaushik Shah

Numb.. Treading slowly.. Finding my way out of the jungle.. bio from Twitter


I'm doing my best to live a simple and honest lifestyle amidst a world that thrives on materialism and complexity. I do a lot of things, but those things do n bio from Twitter

Dheeraj Kumar

Ruby on Rails/Javascript developer.

Abhishek Srivastava

Ruby Developer | Risk Insured by dad | Friends with big guns | Gains energy from hacking bio from Twitter

Anup Nivargi

Works at Red Hat, Programs in Ruby and other random languages, Loves prototyping new ideas bio from Twitter


\ bio from Twitter

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Bhavin Javia



Talk to me ! ☠ bio from Twitter

Anurag Maherchandani

Extreme , FOSS , dreams , work , Enjoy , Grexit , Love , Life , Linux , Followurinterest , Miller , crazy, ruby on rails bio from Twitter


Software Developer and Architect for Scalable Java Web Apps/Services, Ruby and JavaScript Enthusiast, bio from Twitter


Developer for Tor project. Hacker. Student. bio from Twitter

Jeevan Pingali

Programmer Practices XP Loves to work on Linux bio from Twitter

Satish Bhat

Hardcore products guy, irrationally perennially in startup mode with focus on internet(!?), mobile, data science, ... Timepass photographer & music lover. bio from Twitter

Niket Patel

I am a passionate programmer, I love to code in Go, Ruby and Javascript.

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