Sessions at RubyConf India 2011 about Language Features with slides and video

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Sunday 29th May 2011

  • But the language supports it

    by Niranjan Paranjape and aakash dharmadhikari

    Discussing language constructs with fellow developers in the context of solving a particular problem is something we do routinely. While most such conversations are productive and useful, a fair portion degenerate into angry brawls. A pattern we've observed in the latter situation is that a surprising number of times the argument is that "Why shouldn't I use language feature X to achieve objective Y- after all, the language supports X."

    In this talk Aakash and Niranjan walk through a few features of the Ruby language which when used wisely allows programmers to solve problems elegantly but if they are used without caution can lead to bad code.

    At 2:00pm to 2:45pm, Sunday 29th May