Sessions at Seattle Interactive Conference 2011 about SoLoMo and Local on Wednesday 2nd November

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  • SoLoMo Coming of Age: From Local Expression to Local Advice

    by Jason Karas

    The desire to share ideas is core to the human psyche. New social-local-mobile services are taking this sharing to new heights, and are producing a dizzying array of photos, tweets, check-ins, and updates from every street corner.

    But can the revelers in this big local party help us the morning after…. when we need to find the perfect spot to relax, buy a birthday present or meet a colleague? In this session we’ll look at some big opportunities and tactical steps to make the Social-Local-Mobile web more useful and valuable, while still remaining incredibly fun.

    At 11:15am to 12:00pm, Wednesday 2nd November

    In 101, Washington State Convention Center