Sessions at SES Toronto 2011 on Wednesday 15th June

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  • SES Training Workshop: Public Relations and Optimized Copywriting

    by Lisa Buyer

    Public relations can be one of the most influential SEO dynamics with the right mix of optimizing, publicizing and socializing. Once you have learned about the fundamentals of Public Relations, the next step would be to optimize your copywriting to help maximize the online PR Strategies.

    In the workshop we will cover:

    The fundamentals of Online PR and Optimized Copywriting
    Best practices and how to apply them
    Tips on how to maximize the online PR strategies
    Tips on headline, subhead and description writing
    Where to find inspiration when you have online copy writer's block
    Guidelines on how to write for search and social media
    A checklist of what to optimize and how to do it
    How to apply the optimized copywriting to social media
    Real life examples of how to write for the journalist, social media, search engines and direct to your target
    Discovering online PR and copywriting tools for writing, measuring and tracking
    Measuring online PR for success and how to best report bottom line results to the executive team in the boardroom

    Lisa Buyer, President & CEO, The Buyer Group

    At 8:00am to 12:00pm, Wednesday 15th June