Software Freedom Kosova Conference 2011 schedule

Saturday 12th November 2011


  • Doing Business with Free Software

    The theme of the 2011 conference will be “Doing Business with Free Software”. The conference will be used as a meeting point for a network of individuals and companies with the aim of sponsoring and initiating projects which benefit the people of Kosovo by establishing it as one of the European centers of FLOSS, and ultimately result in commercial benefits for the country.
    The conference aims to introduce Kosovo businesses and public to a low cost alternatives rather than expensive proprietary software, train local people in the latest developments in software and social-collaboration tools, promote respect for legal licenses, and introduce the public to the best methods for localization of software and knowledge.

    The conference will present speakers from the business world that use FLOSS in their commercial development projects. It will also present examples of companies from the region that are using FLOSS as a competitive leg up in the outsourcing European market. Free software is especially suitable to this type of economic activity as it presents very low barriers to entry by being free at acquisition, well documented and having a free ecosystem of support. Moreover, by presenting free code to build on, it helps entry level professionals and companies build up skills and work up the leader towards more value added projects.

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