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Mark Rochefort

Technology, travel + trees; bikes, beer + bees. Director @ Playlab + @ Splash & Ripple. Making stuff: overlapping tech, analytics, optimisation & psychology. bio from Twitter

Premasagar Rose

Web apps creator and consultant. Into JavaScript + social innovation. Founder of @dharmafly, @asyncjs & @L4RP. ☞

Richard Slater

Christian, geek, techie, programmer, hacker, coder, systems administrator, devops, consultant, sound technician, part of @WeAreAmido bio from Twitter

Mark Ford

Eater of Bacon, Builder of Interwebs, Liker of Electro, Hater of Sport, Organiser of WorthingDigital.

Paul Lloyd

Independent graphic designer and web developer · Previously @guardian, @clearleft and @ning · One day I’ll get a dog bio from Twitter

Andy Budd

User Experience Designer, partner at @clearleft and curator of @dconstruct and @uxlondon

Patrick Sansom

Designer: User Experience, Interaction & Visual. Platforms: Mobile, Interactive TV & Web. Co-organiser: @UXCampBrighton & @DesignJamBri

Mark Cossey

Husband. Father. Designer. Occasional contributor to @smashingmag and dribbbler bio from Twitter

James Bates

Creative Director at Clearleft, Designer, Father, Petrolhead. bio from Twitter

Nik Fletcher

Product Manager @ Realmac Software. Fussy about digital things. Apps, Words, Interactions, Tea, Coffee, Cats. bio from Twitter

Andrew Fox

T-shaped product designer. Startups are my jam. bio from Twitter

Robert Douglas

Doing lovely mobile design work with @ribot bio from Twitter

Andy Hume

Engineering at Brandwatch. Formerly Twitter, Guardian, Clearleft, Microsoft, Multimap.

Andy Dennis

I mostly help people design digital things. Often near glowing rectangles. Sometimes near the sea. bio from Twitter

Paul Davison

Designer, mainly interactive digital things. Constructively dissatisfied since 1972.

Paulo Fierro

maker of digital things, co-founder of jadehopper ltd. (@jdhppr), rum aficionado

Mark Perkins

Frontend dev @clearleft by day, developer @activeinbox by night. Rather fond of a nice cup of tea.

Jeremy Keith

An Irish web developer living and working in Brighton, England.

Tom Prior

East-Londoner in Brighton. Director of Design and UX at Makemedia. Co-organiser of @uxcampbrighton. Purveyor of crudely drawn appendages. bio from Twitter

Natalie Downe

Co-founder of Lanyrd, Director of Organiser Acquisition at Eventbrite. Enthusiastic world explorer and digital creative

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Glenn Jones

Exploring semantic mark-up and data portability ideas. Founnder of Madgex. Brighton geek

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Remy Sharp

I invented sleep patterns. Honest. They're even named after me.

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James Box

Director of UX Design @clearleft. Co–author of Undercover User Experience Design. bio from Twitter

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