Sessions at Social Media Masters: New York about Google+

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Friday 23rd September 2011

  • Current Trends in Social Media

    by Steve Woodruff

    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+: it is almost impossible to not get all caught up in the current trends and platforms that swirl around the social media space, making it difficult to see how these evolving approaches fit into a marketing plan. The fragmented and fast-moving digital networking world can blind us to the bigger-picture drivers of all these developments – forces that will certainly shape how we communicate in the marketplace in future days. In this session, we’ll get beyond the particular boats (current platforms and tools) and examine the river – the trend currents – which are driving social media adoption. We’ll step back from the noise and gain clarity on the handful of cultural and technological trend currents that make social media an inevitable evolution, and provide context as to how it can best be used for business growth.

    At 4:50pm to 5:50pm, Friday 23rd September