SMX Social Media Marketing 2011 schedule

Monday 5th December 2011

  • Free Facebook Tactics to Drive Traffic & Conversions

    by Kevin Scholl, Arnie Kuenn, Drew Conrad and Matt McGee

    With 800 million users, a new Timeline feature and integration of everything people do from link sharing to exercising, Facebook offers a huge opportunity for marketers. This session looks at how to drive traffic and conversions through fan pages, viral campaigns and more.

    At 9:00am to 10:15am, Monday 5th December

  • Successful Targeting Strategies For Facebook Ad Campaigns

    by Matt Lawson, Marty Weintraub, Addie Conner and Pamela Parker Caird

    Not advertising on Facebook? You’re missing out on tons of potential traffic from the second largest internet website. Facebook’s advertising system offers an incredible array of ways to target people by interests and demographics. You can catch people early in the buying cycle and use your existing customers to help win new ones. Other cool features? Social actions, targeting, real time reporting… you really should make time to friend this program at SMX.

    At 10:45am to 12:00pm, Monday 5th December

  • Boosting Business With Twitter Marketing

    by Kurt Krejny, James Zolman, Elisabeth Osmeloski and Mathew Guiver

    Twitter isn’t just for fun. It’s big business, being used to drive traffic and generate buzz and conversions for companies. But remember: Twitter is opt-in, which means if you get even a little bit spammy people will un-follow, or worse, push back with negative tweets that could damage your company’s reputation. This session explores the finer points using Twitter as a business tool, and how to get more from this important source of referrals.

    At 1:30pm to 2:45pm, Monday 5th December

  • Google+ & Google +1 – What Every Marketer Needs To Know

    by Martin Beck, Tim Moore, Janet DriscollMiller and Danny Sullivan

    Google+ is a new social aspect to Google allowing people to share photos, places they’ve been, videos, links and status updates. Google +1 is a way for people to indicate what they like within Google’s search results, within Google+ or on sites across the web. Both are proving to be valuable tools for marketers, and are likely to influence how Google operates across the board going forward. This session explores both the potential of Google’s new social elements as well as specific tactics for marketers.

    At 3:15pm to 4:30pm, Monday 5th December

  • Keynote Roundtable: Real Social Media Stories From The Field

    by Drew Conrad, Jean Scheidnes, Danny Sullivan and Martin Beck

    So many social media channels. So many social media challenges. Are you there for customer service, to boost your brand recognition, to boost sales and transactions? How do you integrate your efforts into other business units at your company? This roundtable talks with social media managers for an “in the trenches” view of these and other issues.

    At 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Monday 5th December

Tuesday 6th December 2011