Sessions at Science Online London 2011 on Saturday 3rd September

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  • Panel #3: Dealing with Data

    by Kristi Holmes, Kaitlin Thaney, Tim Hubbard and Alastair Dant

    This panel will look at how data is transforming and affecting scientific research and communication, from data visualisation in the media to data-intensive science in various fields. We'll hear from leading scientists, media organisations such as The Guardian, and experts in infrastructure about their take on working with data in the digital age and how they way we interact with information is changing.

    At 9:45am to 10:45am, Saturday 3rd September

  • Keynote - MaryAnn Martone

    by MaryAnn Martone

    MaryAnn will set the tone for the workshops and explain the current limitations and need for better use of tools and information in the context of SMA, a rare disease that afflicts infants and toddlers, and how she's working to move closer to a cure.

    At 10:45am to 11:15am, Saturday 3rd September

  • Workshop: Online Communication Tools (part 2)

    by Lou Woodley, Brian Kelly and AJCann

    This workshop will start with how to get the most out of online communication tools such as Google+, Twitter, and 3rd party twitter tools such as Storify and dipity. We’ll also mention account management tools including CoTweet and Tweetdeck. We’re able to cover all angles from how to practically use the tools most beneficially in an institutional or academic environment, to how to measure their impact via statistics and online “kudos” tools. Please do come with your own goals and questions and we can tailor the workshop accordingly.

    At 2:30pm to 4:00pm, Saturday 3rd September

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