Sessions at Scotch on the Rocks 2011 about ColdFusion and Monitoring

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Thursday 3rd March 2011

  • The road to sanity - sorting out your legacy applications

    by David Stockton

    David Stockton from Intergral will be presenting on "The road to sanity ..."

    Isn't life great?! We've got the improved performance and great new features in ColdFusion 9. We've got a list of frameworks long enough to suit any scenario. We've got built-in access to enterprise caching, solutions to common paradigms and design pattern implementations coming out of our ears! We've got virtualization and cloud technologies to take care of even the most demanding hosting needs - life in the CF community has never been better !

    Oh wait, what's that? You're not working on a greenfield project? You've inherited an application that started life on ColdFusion v1.5 and looks like it was architected on the back of a napkin? Your application runs like 3-legged donkey, and that's in the good times when the server is up?

    You need help! Sadly, we're not head-hunting for the latest social-networking dot-com start-up, with mind blowing salaries and bean-bag chairs - but we can help make your life easier! With our unique tooling combination of FusionReactor, FusionDebug and the jewel in the crown - FusionAnalytics - I'll show you how you can quickly focus on and correct your legacy application stability issues and pro-actively improve quality, performance and reliability over time.

    If that's not enough, then just come along for the goodies we'll be giving away!

    At 1:30pm to 2:30pm, Thursday 3rd March