JVM dynamic languages interoperability framework

A session at Strange Loop 2011

Monday 19th September, 2011

10:30am to 11:20am (CST)

With the advent of the invokedynamic in Java 7, implementations of language runtimes on JVM will become much more performant and powerful. Invokedynamic in itself is however only the first stepping stone, the least amount of functionality exposed by the JVM sufficient to enable the new features. Language implementers still need a lot of plumbing for correct interoperability with Java objects: overloaded method resolution, property access, collections access, and so on. The JVM Dynamic Linker Framework provides these functions, a convention for specifying them as invokedynamic calls, and means to link the invocations. More importantly, it provides means for registration and discovery of the same functions for other languages, acting as a nexus that can transparently link call sites generated by one language implementation to code in another implementation. Thus, it allows a dynamic language runtime to handle not only POJOs, but also objects from any other dynamic language runtime that itself uses the framework.

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Attila Szegedi

Working @Oracle making things more dynamic in your JVM ecosystem. I used to work for Twitter. bio from Twitter

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Time 10:30am11:20am CST

Date Mon 19th September 2011

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