Sessions at Strata Summit 2011 about Disruptive Technology

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Tuesday 20th September 2011

  • The New Corporate Intelligence

    by Sean Gourley

    Disruptive technology shapes the world, defining political, military, financial, and commercial opportunities and threats. Whether originating in academic research, in National Labs, or in privately held or public companies, these technologies can emerge with explosive impact, creating and destroying value. Yet there are few tools to track these innovations—at a global scale and at a pace that keeps up with the rate of change.

    What if corporate strategists could literally draw a map to find growth opportunities? A technique called semantic clustering analysis makes this possible. When applied to technology entities worldwide, this analysis can reveal not only which innovation areas are thick with competition, but also where in the market there are opportunities, or “white spaces,” ripe for innovation. The result is a data-driven visual tool that can be used to drive corporate innovation strategy.

    At 2:30pm to 2:40pm, Tuesday 20th September

    In Westside Ballroom, Marriott Marquis Times Square

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