Sessions at Street Fight Summit 2011 on Wednesday 26th October

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  • Opening Remarks

    At 9:00am to 9:10am, Wednesday 26th October

  • Morning Keynote: Vinicius Vacanti

    by Vinicius Vacanti

    At 9:10am to 9:45am, Wednesday 26th October

  • The Coming Hyperlocal Convergence

    by Laura Rich, Leela de Kretser, Nihal Mehta and Nate Richardson

    Street Fight’s expanded definition of “hyperlocal” includes small-radius content producers, location-based services, and daily deals companies. But more and more it seems like these different digital services aimed at local merchants are converging — taking pieces from one another and “baking” geo-location, quality content and deals into each other. This panel will look at how different elements are combining to provide digital marketing value for merchants and brands.

    At 9:45am to 10:30am, Wednesday 26th October

  • How Location-Aware Mobile Technology Is Transforming Retail

    by Alistair Goodman, Jeremy Geiger, Jonathan Bellinger and Doug Stephens

    The past 2000 years have given birth to a spectrum of retail concepts — from the market bazaar to Main Street and all the way through to the Big Box. Yet none of these concepts have truly revolutionized the consumer/retailer dynamic. Until now. Location-based mobile services are forever changing the way brands, retailers and consumers attract, interact and transact. This panel will look at different ways that retail marketers are harnessing the power of these new hyperlocal tools to drive trust, sales and loyalty to their brands.

    At 11:00am to 11:50am, Wednesday 26th October

  • Alternatives to Advertising: Unconventional Revenue Models for Publishers

    by Kam Lasater, David Pachter and Shawn McGinness

    This session will include three short presentations from publishers who have used their platforms to derive revenue outside of the almighty CPM. Each will describe the concepts behind their strategies, and give concrete case studies.

    At 11:50am to 12:35pm, Wednesday 26th October

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  • Real Estate: The Original Hyperlocal?

    by Jonathan Butler, Ann Baldinucci, Doug Heddings and Phil Thomas Di Giulio

    You can’t get any more local than the place you live. Has the real estate business set an example for hyperlocal publishers or failed to capture an opportunity that was theirs for the taking? These panelists will discuss examples of success in bringing value to real estate advertiser, prospective buyers, and enthusiasts through dynamic sites, cutting edge services and an understanding of the hyperlocal real estate ecosystem.

    At 1:15pm to 2:05pm, Wednesday 26th October

  • Survive and Thrive as a Standalone Hyperlocal

    by Debra Galant, Michael Shapiro, Tom Grubisich and Scott Brodbeck

    The key to starting a small hyperlocal site from scratch is thinking about it as a business as well as a journalistic enterprise. While many standalone small-radius news sites have struggled, there are also quite a few that have developed solid, sustainable ad-supported models to cover their communities. Here are a few different perspectives from the front lines, including details about how to get a community site off the ground, how to develop relationships with local merchants, and how to bring them value.

    At 2:05pm to 2:55pm, Wednesday 26th October

  • New Experiments and Insights Into Hyperlocal

    by Cheryl Yeoh, Luke Stangel, Josh Fenton and Bo Fishback

    This series of short presentations will highlight new ways that companies in the hyperlocal space are engaging local advertisers and consumers.

    At 2:55pm to 3:55pm, Wednesday 26th October

  • If You Can Make It There: NYC as a Hyperlocal Incubator

    by David Tisch, Owen Davis, Scott Wolfgang, Lockhart Steele and Michael Fives

    A number of major hyperlocal experiments have launched in New York City first, testing their concept in the five boroughs before moving on to the rest of the country. Hyperlocal is about understanding how to capture local ad markets anywhere, so what makes New York such a fertile proving ground for these types of businesses? Panelists will look at why the city is such a popular testing ground for hyperlocal, and how these companies transition their concepts into towns and neighborhoods across the country.

    At 3:55pm to 4:50pm, Wednesday 26th October

  • Hyperlocal and the 2012 Election

    by Mark Josephson, Mindy Finn, Rich Masterson, Simon Dumenco and Chris Tolles

    As we approach 2012, hyperlocal sites and networks around the country are gearing up to leverage their content and attract the huge windfall of political advertising (both local and national). Hyperlocals can be particularly attractive advertising targets for national campaigns as politicians try to influence very specific segments of the national conversation to turn key districts. This panel will look at how major players are positioning themselves to respond to this, and political strategists will talk about how important hyperlocal advertising could be in deciding who will be our next president.

    At 4:50pm to 5:35pm, Wednesday 26th October

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