Sessions at SXSW Interactive 2011 about Paywalls

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Saturday 12th March 2011

  • The Great Paywall Experiment: Evolving Digital Subscription Models

    by Heather Hollis, Daniel Mandell, Daniel Bernard and Donald Chesnut

    New devices, new experiences, and new ways for making money: the world of media and publishing is on fire. This panel will explore the rapid evolution of content subscription models that are bridging the worlds of offline and digital, presenting new models for customers to subscribe to content, and the opportunities to create new experiences based upon a more market-dynamic and mult-channel approach to subscriptions.

    All types of content are undergoing evolution as a result of the changing digital landscape: Magazines, newspapers, cable and broadcast tv stations, music... Each is experimenting with new ways to address the iPad, mobile, Web, iTV, and offline. Newer services like Zinio, HBO GO, MagHound, Hulu are part of the newer landscape, while longer-term players like Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal, Conde Nast, and Time Inc are continuing to evolve in their approach to content subscription and distribution.

    Looking at the landscape, who is innovating and leading the pack? What models are working better than others for both the content/media company AND the customer? How does the type of content change across distribution platform? And where do we think the concept of “subscriptions” is going?

    Intended for both experience designers or digital business innovators, this panel will bring together diverse leaders from the world of content, media, and publishing to share their thoughts on the emerging trends that are shaping the future of paid digital content.

    LEVEL: Intermediate

    At 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Saturday 12th March

    In Capitol A-D, Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol

Sunday 13th March 2011