Sessions at SXSW Interactive 2011 about Facebook and Social Media on Saturday 12th March

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  • To Reply or Not to Reply? Facebook Conversations

    by Jeannette Arrowood

    most businesses (especially big ones) are on facebook, but not all businesses actively engage with their customers and fans on a regular basis. this panel will focus on which brands are having a conversation, how to have a conversation successfully, the pros and cons of interacting with every single post, and the tools that big businesses on facebook are using to manage the relationship with their customers, potential, former, and current.

    LEVEL: Intermediate

    At 11:00am to 12:00pm, Saturday 12th March

    In Big Bend, Hyatt Regency Austin

  • Social Media, Just US? A Unique International Perspective

    by Joseph Halverson and Christian Leman

    Social media has become a global phenomenon: 72% of the global internet population is now active on social networks and 75% of Facebook users are outside of the USA. Research shows that Social Media users interact locally, in their real life. The global phenomenon is in fact a collection of local phenomena where culture, language and politics play a role. The Indonesians use Facebook in Indonesian interacting with other Indonesians, the Germans use Facebook in German interacting with other Germans, etc… there are variances that global brands should know/use/leverage when designing global marketing social media campaigns. Should you skew your campaign toward more content creation when targeting audience in China or South Korea? Should you avoid requesting Europeans to formally join a group? Should you expect Japanese to be more likely silent readers of your content?... The conversation will explore the need for multinational brands to recognize that not all social media users are like US, and that social media campaigns should be properly localized to maximize return.

    LEVEL: Intermediate

    At 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Saturday 12th March

    In Hill Country CD, Hyatt Regency Austin

  • When Facebook Falls: Future-Proofing Your Social Media Efforts

    by Justin Clemens, Allison Driscoll, Andy Pearson, Joel Kaplan and Victor Pineiro

    Learn to future-proof your social media efforts so they don’t go the way of MySpace. The right social networking content, contests, features, news, etc, works across multiple platforms so that if you lose a follower on Twitter, you gain a fan on Facebook. This panel will give you social media secrets and tips to build an audience on every platform and create content that doesn’t rely on any of them.

    LEVEL: Beginner

    At 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Saturday 12th March

    In Hill Country AB, Hyatt Regency Austin