Sessions at SXSW Interactive 2011 about User Experience and Usability and Accessibility on Saturday 12th March

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  • Inclusive Design: Creating Beautiful, Usable & Accessible Websites

    by Sandi Wassmer and Ian Pouncey

    The concept of the Web for All is something that we hold dear, but sometimes it feels like we are holding on to it for dear life! There is plenty of knowledge sharing about Web Standards and best practices, but too many opinions about
    what a website really is. If you ask a designer, a developer and a marketer, you will probably get 3 different answers and this can be a tad problematic when you only have one website.

    So I set out to find a solution, stopped thinking about the medium and started thinking about what the word Design really meant. Things that are designed are invariably products of some sort and it became clear that the internet is a product that people interact with using technology. I reflected on those who inspire me, such as Dieter Rams, whose ten principles of good design are as relevant now on the internet as they were when he first uttered them. And then I looked to Frank Lloyd Wright, the godfather of Inclusive Design in Architecture.
    With these parallels to hand, it is quite simple.

    Applying the principles of Inclusive Design to building websites makes sense, but understanding existing technologies and practices in order to ensure its successful implementation is where we are at now. Presenting the principles and how they can be applied to the web, and interspersing these with hands on, practical advice will provide both a breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding.

    Questions Answered
    1. What is Inclusive Design?
    2. How does the Inclusive Design approach differ from or improve upon existing best practices, such as accessibility, usability, UX and mobile optimisation?
    3. What practical techniques can I use to adopt Inclusive Design principles and
    methodologies into my working practices?
    4. What tools and prior knowledge do I need to implement Inclusive Design?
    5. How does Inclusive Design on the Web draw from and correlate to existing
    principles in industrial design and architecture?

    At 12:30pm to 1:30pm, Saturday 12th March

    In Room 6AB, Austin Convention Center

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