Sessions at SXSW Interactive 2011 about Branding and Social Media on Tuesday 15th March

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  • Unwritten Rules: Brands, Social Psychology and Social Media

    by Kate Canales and Ben McAllister

    When a friend invites you to dinner, you bring wine or flowers – not $100 cash – as a gesture of thanks. That goes without saying. But if a brand comes to dinner, what should they bring? When it comes to social media, there are unwritten rules for how to behave that many brands simply aren't getting.

    Brands are grappling with social media as they try to find a place at our virtual dinner table. Some brands get it, some gaffe it. The rules, it turns out, are hidden in basic social psychology. The established behaviors of friendship are the prevailing rules of the road in social media: sharing valuable information, entertaining one another, support in a crisis, celebration of a personal achievement. But the established behaviors of transactions (the way we historically interact with brands) can feel awkward and forced in social media. So how can brands build trust with their networks while being social like a friend? This session will look at social media behavior and what brands can do to become a delightful guest and valuable contributor at our virtual dinner party.

    LEVEL: Beginner

    At 9:30am to 10:30am, Tuesday 15th March

    In Ballroom F, Austin Convention Center

  • The Luxury/Digital Paradox: Taking Luxury Brands Digital

    by Phillip Jackson

    Luxury, by definition, is built on exclusivity. The web is inherently democratic.

    In the past, this contradiction caused luxury brands to be hesitant about moving online – but in the face of the internet’s ever-increasing ubiquity and print advertising’s decreased returns, more and more luxury brands are making the transition to on-line advertising and e-commerce.

    While many luxury brands have accepted that a digital presence is essential, they are still figuring out how to maintain the cache, allure, and exclusivity that underpins their brand perceptions while simultaneously balancing the “democratic” rules of the digital landscape.

    This presentation will show how luxury brands can participate in the digital-sphere through case studies of luxury brands that have effectively communicated their 'brand story' online by leveraging the following territories:

    1. Communicate the dream of the luxury brand
    2. Digital as a piece of the larger puzzle
    3. Tell a great story
    4. Be a cultural tastemaker
    5. Provide a trusted guide to lifestyle enhancement
    6. Use history as a way to push forward
    7. Encourage the spirit of competition
    8. Talk to younger luxury consumers
    9. Offer incomparable service
    10. Use digital to convey exclusivity

    By using these strategies, luxury brands will gain just as much, if not more, from embracing digital than any other category.

    LEVEL: Beginner

    At 11:00am to 12:00pm, Tuesday 15th March

    In Salon E, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • The Death of the Brand Website

    by Gary Nelson

    It’s likely that your consumers check Facebook, Twitter, newspapers and other online sources every week, if not every day. But how many times a week are they coming to your website? Today’s brand sites do a great job of communicating a message, but what most sites lack is fresh content that keeps visitors coming back. Major brands can take a lesson from blogging sites that do an excellent job of keeping content fresh by creating stories around their products, adding video, and integrating social networks like Twitter and Facebook. This session will examine the smaller brand sites that are already starting to structure their sites more like blogs, and the audience will walk away with actionable ideas for turning their big-brand site into a place where people want to keep coming back to. The session will also explore how to carefully add on-brand community features to your site in order to your consumers a place to interact with one another and with the brand.

    LEVEL: Intermediate

    At 3:30pm to 4:30pm, Tuesday 15th March

    In Salon E, Hilton Austin Downtown