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Friday 11th March 2011

  • Being Young and Rocking It

    by Brian Wong

    Being a young entrepreneur in this period of time in business and commerce is an exciting thing. It is your biggest asset. You should rock it.

    But how do you rock it? How do you overcome traditional preconceived notions of being "younger", more "inexperienced", and "naive"? Simple. You turn them into your strengths. Everyone always talks about how being curious, how retaining youthful characteristics is a great way to succeed without bounds. Why can't those who truly embody those characteristics be the ones that indeed reap those rewards?

    Most younger entrepreneurs are at the edge of a cliff. They are looking for reasons to jump, or not to jump. There are lots of people willing to tell them all the reasons of why they shouldn't. Very few are there to tell them all the reasons why they should, and to help them throughout to show them how to grow wings in the process. I'm there to nudge them.

    Being a 19-year-old entrepreneur with a funded start up - experience at a well-known company in the social news landscape, and literally being thrown into a pit of extremely successful entrepreneurs as a non-American (a Canadian), helped prime me to learn all of the lessons that I will be sharing with everyone.

    Anyone fascinated by the elusive "young" entrepreneur - and especially the type that genuinely takes tangible action towards successful milestones in their career - and wondering about how to learn from them and to help nurture their growth - should come.

    LEVEL: Intermediate

    At 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Friday 11th March

    In Brazos 2/3, Marriott Courtyard Austin Downtown/Convention Center

  • TeenFuture2.0: Technology & Your Child's Future

    by Jennifer Openshaw

    Education is failing our youth - maybe it's your child or teen... or even you. A recent study by the Gates Foundation and Public Agenda found that 67% of youth say their guidance counselor failed them in preparing them for their futures. Today, those graduating face a 29% jobless rate, partly as jobs move overseas. Global issues and global business underscore the need to better prepare our youth.

    What can you do? In this exciting and engaging panel, led by Dow Jones columnist, author, national commentator (Oprah, CNN), and founder of SuperFutures, you'll learn:

    • Where education is headed - new initiatives underway that could transform traditional learning
    • The latest innovations in education using technology
    • Ways to implement social media into your classroom or home to talk connect with your student
    • How technology is being used to move education outside the classroom - to provide practical, real-world learning for your child
    • Where social media and technology is hurting education and your child's future -- and what you can do
    • Why “learning by doing” is becoming critical to your child’s success

    LEVEL: Beginner

    At 5:00pm to 6:00pm, Friday 11th March

    In Sabine, Hilton Garden Inn Austin Downtown