Sessions at SXSW Interactive 2011 of type Dual about Location Based Services

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Saturday 12th March 2011

  • Beyond Check-Ins: Location Based Game Design

    by John-Paul Walton and Zach Saul

    This dual presentation will explore common play elements in location-based games. We’ll analyze the popular "Check-In" mechanic (used by products like FourSquare and GoWalla), and take a look at the business and social forces that have influenced its emergence as the popular geo game model.

    The presentation will compare current location-based products, charting their strengths and weaknesses to identify where we believe large areas of opportunity exist in the market.

    We'll evaluate the challenges and untapped opportunities of Geo Games from the technological and design perspectives of the two presenters. We’ll outline how the limitations in location technology can be an elegant part of the game design itself, and how new innovations will help to create richer and more immersive parallel worlds.

    We’ll describe why we think its time to move beyond "social" Check-In systems, to “true games” that engage, challenge, and stimulate players.

    LEVEL: Intermediate

    At 9:30am to 10:30am, Saturday 12th March

    In Room 12AB, Austin Convention Center

Monday 14th March 2011

  • Checking into Chinese Location Based Services

    by Yuancheng Yang and David Liu

    Jiepang is the leading foursquare-like LBS service of China. Through many creative location-based marketing campaigns with global brands in China, we have observed that virtual badges can be a strong incentive for user check-in activities. In the case when the badge is associated with real-world benefits (e.g. discounts), such responses will be even more obvious. However, it is always controversial to measure the performance of a LBS marketing campaign. Jiepang will present an interesting model to analyze the online and offline results and also compare the difference between US and China LBS services.

    At 3:30pm to 4:30pm, Monday 14th March

    In Room 204, AT&T Conference Center

Tuesday 15th March 2011

  • Rockin' the Check-in: Location Strategies for Musicians

    by Jonathan Carroll and Cindy Royal

    Emerging social media platforms offer musicians unprecedented opportunities to distribute music and engage fans, often circumventing the traditional models of label deals and radio airplay. Today, it is more about creating a community around your music and engaging your fan base than major label deals and platinum sales. For some artists, fan engagement has happened organically, as a result of the quality of their music, years of touring or their innovative sound. Certain bands have always had fans that followed them from city to city, meeting other fans, sharing music and stories. New social media tools, like the location-based social networks Gowalla and Foursquare, can be used as platforms for rewarding fans for desired behaviors.

    Currently, these platforms are in their infancy. Their focus is evolving toward event as well as location-based check-ins. Musicians can engage these services by encouraging fans to check-in at shows, offering rewards for multiple check-ins on a tour, providing a space for fans to aggregate photos and videos, and offering a way for fans to develop their own interactions, like organizing meet-ups and creating trips. Once fans are signed up with a location-based service, bands can offer merchandise discounts, meet and greet access, limited edition items and downloads or other incentives. The key is engaging passionate fans wherever they are in the world via mobile devices. Let them help by giving them the tools they need to spread the word. Co-presenting on this panel will be Jonathan Carroll, Community Manager at Gowalla.

    LEVEL: Intermediate

    At 3:30pm to 4:30pm, Tuesday 15th March

    In TX Ballroom 1, Hyatt Regency Austin

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