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Sunday 13th March 2011

  • Hacking the News: Applying Computer Science to Journalism

    by Tristan Harris, Trei Brundrett, Jennifer 8. Lee, Upendra Shardanand and Burt Herman

    Reporters and editors work in ways that are still largely tied to old print and broadcast models. Applying lessons from computer science can help make journalism more scalable, flexible and personalized.

    This panel will discuss developments such as object-oriented programming, model-view controller frameworks, database-driven Web applications and social code repositories -- and explore how these principles can be applied to journalism and create the future of storytelling.

    For example, making stories in an object-oriented mindset can help journalists work more efficiently, reusing and building on past work. Stories can be created as structured data that can be mashed up and viewed in more flexible ways by readers. Readers can get personalized stories that highlight what's new to them -- rather than having to read through what they already know to glean the latest news.

    At 11:00am to 12:00pm, Sunday 13th March

    In Creekside, Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol

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