Help Save SXSW from Marketer Douchebaggery

A session at SXSW Interactive 2011

Friday 11th March, 2011

2:00pm to 3:00pm (CST)

Is SXSWi in danger of being ruined by the influx of marketers to the conference?

Coming off of SXSWi 2010, Jolie O'Dell struck a cord with her post WHY SXSW SUCKS
"Too many people, not enough tech... dodging and evading these shallow douchebags... only to find swarms of douchebags showing up an hour or so after the location is made known..."

We're bringing some smart, caring minds together to move the chatter in the halls into the light of a focused panel. The elephant in the room is being put on center stage. Can SXSWi adapt, or will it be overrun? Has the conference jumped the shark? Voices for both the techie/creator side and the marketer side will make up the panel.

We're aiming to land on solutions - this is not a bitch session. How can we address the challenges of a changing audience and optimize for the conference for valuable interactions? Are some social ground rules called for?What will the audience for SXSWi 2015 look like? Can we envision how that it could kick ass?

This challenge is not unique to SXSWi. We see communities struggling similarly to adapt and build value. We can learn from their mistakes and solutions.

This conference is as resilient as it's participants. If you show up, it will to.

LEVEL: Beginner

About the speakers

This person is speaking at this event.
Nihal Mehta

mobile entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and friend. bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Ryan Daume
This person is speaking at this event.
Emily Hickey

Tech it up in NYC. Blog it up at EarlyStager.com. bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Ben Essen

Creative strategy director for @irisworldwide | idea-peddling, world-watching, chart-mongering | on an integrity mission to turn consumers back into citizens bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Zeb Dropkin

Founder @RentHackr, bringing transparency and foresight to apt rentals. Love NYC, startups, life hacking, design, tech, and good coffee with great friends. bio from Twitter

Next session in Ballroom F

3:30pm Do Agencies Need to Think Like Software Companies? by Matt Galligan, Allison Mooney, Amanda Kelso, Rick Webb and Robert Rasmussen

27 attendees

  • Sean Reynolds
  • Abbi Siler
  • Jon Burkhart
  • Alexis Tryon
  • Anthony De Rosa
  • Brian Leddy
  • Ben Essen
  • bowlerjim
  • Calvin Conaway
  • Candaş Demir
  • Emily Hickey
  • Jacob Brody
  • James Wahba
  • Jim England
  • jrdaumer
  • Lucius Kwok
  • Lynette Young
  • Michelle DeForest
  • j wright
  • nihal mehta
  • Nick Parish
  • Raphaëlle Heaf
  • Robert Leefmans
  • Seb Mutimer
  • Ryan D Gantz, DOG
  • Steven Trotter
  • Zeb Dropkin   ☯

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  • 154
  • AJ Vaynerchuk
  • Andrea Nordgren
  • Antonio Kaplan
  • Austin Spires
  • Sean Patrick Henry
  • Carrie Stalder
  • Brian Duggan
  • danielc
  • David Mead
  • Derek Curtis
  • Dan Weingrod
  • emisare
  • Stephen R. Fox
  • Casey Lau
  • Jackie Shelley
  • Jason Garber
  • Jory
  • Josepf Haslam
  • James Stewart
  • Jess Zimbabwe
  • Katie Felten
  • katherine maher
  • Luciana Misura
  • Misha Tepper
  • Trish Lawrence
  • Alex Russell
  • Sean Steinmarc
  • Tom Coates
  • TyKisha
  • Valerie De La Rosa
  • Zach Brock

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Time 2:00pm3:00pm CST

Date Fri 11th March 2011


Ballroom F, Austin Convention Center

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