The Science of Influence

A session at SXSW Interactive 2011

Sunday 13th March, 2011

11:00am to 12:00pm (CST)

Influential people, from journalists and entrepreneurs to investors and developers are idea-generators shaping the ideas we drool over and discuss et infinitum. But who are these people leading the charge? How did they come to be, and rise above the rest to gather a following?

Sites like Twitter and Facebook are now testing grounds for quantifying the world’s leaders. But do we understand what influence means and what variables are really at play? We all know that a follower count means nothing, but what does a RT mean? Or better yet, what does an @reply by Scoble mean vs. one from Arrington? Beneath the surface is where the science gets really interesting.

In this panel you’ll hear from the experts who are distilling influence down to it’s basic components. They’ll explain tips for increasing influence, which variables really matter and the types of influence they are discovering across the web.

LEVEL: Intermediate

About the speakers

This person is speaking at this event.
Marshall Kirkpatrick

CEO @plexusengine. Former data journalist now learning what it takes to build a company instead of just writing about it. I'm learning a lot. bio from Twitter

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Dan Zarrella

HubSpot's Social Media Scientist. bio from Twitter

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Ramya Krishnamurthy

Scientist @Klout. Natural language processing, Machine learning enthusiast, Fervent Foodie. bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Michael Wu

Scientist: Gamification+Influence+Predictive Social Analytic+Cyber Anthropology+Social Network Analysis+Machine Learning+Community Dynamics. Follow me on G+ bio from Twitter

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  • Rocco Stallvord
  • Dean Cruse
  • Devon Smith
  • David Krumlauf
  • Ed Costello
  • Liz Johannesen
  • Geraldine Le Roux
  • Joanna Geary
  • Heather Alden
  • hugh garry
  • Hunter McConnell
  • Josh Hallett
  • ijbro
  • Iskander Smit
  • Jenn Deering Davis
  • Jenn Gustetic
  • Jen van der Meer
  • Jobmuscroft
  • Jason Schwartz
  • Justin Levy
  • Katie Felten
  • Bill Keaggy
  • keithmcarthur
  • Kevin Moore
  • Laurel Ruma
  • Lee Bryant
  • luciemclean
  • Thorsten Lückemeier
  • Marko Karppinen
  • Marshall Kirkpatrick
  • Matt Keeler
  • Meghan Krane
  • Michael Wu Ph.D.
  • Michiel Berger
  • Mike Stenhouse
  • Michael Leis
  • Noah Sacksteder
  • Noland Hoshino
  • Paul Maiorana
  • Ramin Ettehad
  • Ramya Krishnamurthy
  • Rory ︻╦╤─
  • S. Daniel Leon
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  • Jeff Tirey
  • TummelVision TV
  • Audrey Vaughn
  • Alex Schaffert
  • William Eggers
  • Sebastian Gerhard
  • Zeb Dropkin   ☯

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Time 11:00am12:00pm CST

Date Sun 13th March 2011


TX Ballroom 2-4, Hyatt Regency Austin

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  • The Science of Marketing
  • The Facebook Marketing Book

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