Media Tomorrow: The Message is the Messenger

A session at SXSW Interactive 2011

Sunday 13th March, 2011

3:30pm to 4:30pm (CST)

Disruptive technologies and corroding trust in business have combined turn Marshall McLuhan’s adage “the medium is the message” inside out. Information now spreads laterally, triggered not by institution but by individual. The message is the messenger. This panel will explore how four individuals are reshaping the design, consulting, PR and journalism industries by understanding how information is consumed today.

LEVEL: Beginner

About the speakers

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Jenn Van Grove

VentureBeat writer, web geek, vegan, CrossFit addict, Apple fan girl and UCLA grad. Formerly of Mashable and NBC SD. bio from Twitter

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Jeremiah Owyang

Industry Analyst (aka Catalyst) at Altimeter Group. How I use Twitter http://bit.ly/LK0i bio from Twitter

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Leslie Bradshaw

Calling me intense is putting it lightly | President + COO + Co-Founder @JESS3 | Contributor @Forbes | Terroir + Family @BradshawPinot | Econ + Gender @UChicago bio from Twitter

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Joe Chernov

VP of Content Marketing for Eloqua. Former chair of WOMMA member ethics panel. Words are my own, for better or worse. More here: http://about.me/jchernov bio from Twitter

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Sarah Evans

Digital correspondent for brands, MC, producer, strategist (@PayPal @Cisco @CoxComm @WalMart @ShortyAwards @Transitions & more) prsarahevans@gmail.com bio from Twitter

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  • Simon Doggett
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Time 3:30pm4:30pm CST

Date Sun 13th March 2011

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