The 90 Minute Solution: Live Like a Sprinter

A session at SXSW Interactive 2011

Saturday 12th March, 2011

12:30pm to 1:30pm (CST)

Are you forever struggling to juggle more demands and get more done? That's not about to change any time soon. Demand is rising inexorably. Here's the problem: we're not meant to run like computers -- at high speeds, continuously, for long periods of time. Rather, human beings are designed to pulse rhythmically between spending energy and intermittently renewing it.

The sad truth is that most of us don't do either one very well. We may dimly recognize that we're more efficient and effective when we focus on one thing at a time, but we still react, with Pavlovian predictability, to every new call on our attention.

We know, too, that we work too many hours and sleep too few, but we underestimate the costs. In fact, sleep is more important than food, and our bodies crave renewal and recovery during the day every 90 minutes. Instead, we override these signals with caffeine, sugar and by fueling ourselves with our own stress hormones, diminishing our capacity and our productivity over time.

Tony Schwartz, bestselling author of The Way We're Working Isn't Working, will lay out a step-by-step approach to a better way of working, grounded in multidisciplinary research and real-life stories from his work with organizations such as Google, Apple, the LAPD and Sony Pictures.

Take one hour to immerse yourself in the new paradigm Tony lays out – including a series of strategies you can instantly apply -- and you’ll never work the same way again.

LEVEL: Intermediate

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Tony Schwartz

President and CEO, The Energy Project. Author, Be Excellent at Anything. Passionate about transforming the way the world works. Craves depth. bio from Twitter

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Time 12:30pm1:30pm CST

Date Sat 12th March 2011


Ballroom D, Austin Convention Center

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  • Be Excellent at Anything

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