Internets, How Do They Work?: Lessons from ROFLCon

A session at SXSW Interactive 2011

Tuesday 15th March, 2011

9:30am to 10:30am (CST)

What do you learn when you get the entire internet together in one room? In this panel, the cofounders of ROFLCon (Tim Hwang and Christina Xu) will share what they’ve learned from cramming the internet’s celebrities, content creators, and community organizers into the same space as their fans and the academics that study it all. We will give you the condensed, Cliff Notes version of what guests like moot, Mahir Cagri, Ben Huh, Tron Guy, and Autotune the News have revealed about the currents at work underneath the internet universe.

Beyond merely sharing some moments and the usual pictures of funny cats, we’re also going to focus in a bit on the even more amusing backstage of putting something like this on. What have we learned? How are we thinking about events around internet culture now? And how/why did we get Leeroy Jenkins to do our conference security?

This panel will also be taking a step back to grapple with some of the questions that have emerged as the most important in our dealings with the internet at ROFLCon: what happens when internet culture becomes big business? What counts as an “internet culture”? What are the ethics of operating in this evolving ecosystem?

LEVEL: Intermediate

About the speakers

This person is speaking at this event.
Diana Kimball

Senior Manager of Creator Engagement at SoundCloud

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Chris Kelty
This person is speaking at this event.
Christina Xu

@higherawesome founder, @Breadpig employee, @ROFLCon co-founder, 1/2 of @anigifanigif, @awesomebos trustee. Xenophilic glutton. All pixel errthing. bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Tim Hwang

shave and a haircut, two bits bio from Twitter

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Tim O'Reilly

Founder and CEO, O'Reilly Media. Watching the alpha geeks, sharing their stories, helping the future unfold. bio from Twitter

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Time 9:30am10:30am CST

Date Tue 15th March 2011


Salon F/G, Hilton Austin Downtown

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