I'm So Productive, I Never Get Anything Done

A session at SXSW Interactive 2011

Monday 14th March, 2011

11:00am to 12:00pm (CST)

Make the coffee, check the RSS, groom the avatar, freshen the blog, make nice with the Twitter, now it's time to ... do the same thing again. Meanwhile your job/project/spouse/story sits there, staring at you with big cow eyes and wonders if you will ever leave the grid and do something real, something productive, something that will yield cash money and not just more followers on Twitter. Most of us work alone in a room, armed with a desktop that is more powerful -- and distracting -- than entire offices a decade ago, and yet the actual throughput of an average day can be negligible. Let's talk to some people who have actually done things -- written books, built businesses, created technology -- about their process. Do they have a clear, bright line between consuming media and producing it? Is it best to have multiple streams on one screen or toggle between to stay on task? Do they have a day part when they are off the grid? And why do great ideas come in the shower? Let's figure out whether the Web is the greatest productivity tool ever invented or a destroyer of initiative and long thoughts.

LEVEL: Beginner

About the speakers

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Ta-Nehisi Coates

Strength: 13 Intelligence: 14 Wisdom: 16 Dexterity: 3 Constitution: 15 Charisma: 13 Spells: Light, Silence, Otto's Irresistible Dance bio from Twitter

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Anthony De Rosa

Reuters columnist, social media editor, host of @ReutersTV Tech Tonic. RTs are not endorsements, dummy. anthony.derosa@thomsonreuters.com / (678)-HEY-SOUP bio from Twitter

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David Carr

David Carr, Media Equation column, blogs @ Decoder, covers pop culture at NYTimes. Tweets hi-low, news, whatnot. Author: Night of the Gun. http://amzn.to/lhYAP5 bio from Twitter

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Molly McAleer

writer for 2 broke girls & co-founder of hellogiggles.com, queen. my birthday is two days after elvis'. bio from Twitter

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Date Mon 14th March 2011


Room 10AB, Austin Convention Center

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