How Not to Design Like a Developer

A session at SXSW Interactive 2011

Friday 11th March, 2011

2:00pm to 3:00pm (CST)

Open source projects, in particular, have long skimped on presentation and packaging (basically, they are the equivalent of "she has a great personality!" in the world of blind dating).

This talk is on how designer (graphic, UI & UX, all deft ninjas of the visual and editorial) organize and contribute their visual hacks to open source projects, working in tandem with engineers. Specifically, we'll look at how designers can get involved with Mozilla's Creative Collective, as well as how developers can leverage some of lessons learned by Mozilla's workflow and community-organizing techniques to foster their own design communities and inspire individuals to contribute to other open source projects of all sizes.

People who have contributed to or are working on an open source project, do so in an effort to create and distribute free software (free as in “free speech” v. free as in “drinks on me tonight!”*). This is a great opportunity to get involved with a team and movement (or start your own) that making a better and more awesome internet. As a bonus, contributing to open source is also a great way to enhance your portfolio, discover the brightest people, and create career-inspiring opportunities for yourself and your peers.

About the speaker

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Chrissie Brodigan

Leading @github's UX research team. Ice skater once. Human interface for Paisley pug.

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  • Janet Swisher
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  • Kazuo
  • Laura Hayden
  • Marleen vd Brand
  • Leslie Ziegler
  • Matt Brindley
  • Jens Oliver Meiert
  • Marcin Wichary
  • Nick Downing
  • Robbie Whiting
  • Steve Conover
  • Warren S
  • Seth Daulton
  • Chrissie Brodigan
  • Tommy Lee
  • TyKisha
  • Yoav Farhi

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  • Katie Davison
  • Luis Alves
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  • Rafael Lopez
  • Mark R. Andrus
  • Mathilde Piard
  • Mark Meeker
  • Mike Stenhouse
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  • Bradley Heilbrun
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Time 2:00pm3:00pm CST

Date Fri 11th March 2011


Ballroom B, Austin Convention Center

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