Sessions at TSE: The Special Event 2011 with notes on Friday 28th January

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  • 2011 Event Technology Shopping List, TSE The Special Event 2011, Phoenix, AZ, USA

    by Ruud Janssen and Samuel Jay Smith

    Description: New event technologies are entering the market everyday and having the time and resources to research for the best options is not easy. What technologies can you use to enhance your event as well as keeping costs down? The Event technology Shopping List features the opportunity colliding worlds of face 2 face and digital worlds.Crafting the digital footrpint of your event is a new much sought after expertise and this is your chance to hear from internationally acclaimed speakers in this field. The objective is to deliver a ready to use Event Technology Shopping List. The list is researched, debated, presented and published every year and presented upon across the globe. The list is a subjective selection of Event Technologies that are essential ingredients to create desirable events. The Event Technology Shopping list is an initiative of Sam Smith (http://interactivemeetingtechnol...) and Ruud Janssen (http://www.tnoc.ch)

    At 9:00am to 10:30am, Friday 28th January