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Wednesday 21st September 2011

  • Getting started with Twilio and Heroku (Ruby)

    by Morten Bagai

    Discover how easy (and fun!) it is to get started building Twilio applications using Heroku. Check out http://twilio.heroku.com/ for a simple example of deploying a Ruby app with Heroku, Sinatra, and Twilio and discover how this powerful platform enables developers to rapidly deploy and scale awesome Twilio-powered apps. This will be a hands-on session, and follow-along coding on your own laptop is encouraged.

    At 2:10pm to 2:50pm, Wednesday 21st September

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Thursday 22nd September 2011

  • Using State Machines To Add Call Workflows To Your Apps

    by Shajith Chacko

    This talk will cover the lessons learned from building Zendesk Voice. The talk will emphasize why and how you should use state machines to model call workflow in your application. We will also introduce a Ruby library we extracted out of Zendesk Voice, and show code that uses it to implement call workflow in a simple and scalable manner.

    At 4:35pm to 5:00pm, Thursday 22nd September

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