Sessions at The Twilio Conference about Twilio on Thursday 22nd September

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  • Keynote: Twilio-powered innovation at Trulia

    by Heather M. Fernandez

    At 10:00am to 10:30am, Thursday 22nd September

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  • Keynote: Scaling Twilio

    by Evan Cooke

    Over the past three years Twilio has grown from idea to international communications provider supporting production phone, SMS, and browser and mobile VoIP applications built by more then 50,000 developers. In this talk i'll share some of the technological tools, engineering processes, and cultural values we've used to enable that growth and to support massive scalability and rapid deployment of new services.

    At 11:00am to 11:30am, Thursday 22nd September

  • Building A Startup With Twilio: The Story Of Pager Duty

    by Alex Solomon

    PagerDuty would not exist if it weren't for Twilio. This is the story of how we started PagerDuty in a basement in Toronto, Canada, moved to the bay area, and grew the company to 10 people with a solid revenue base. I'd also like to share some of the lessons and mistakes we've made along the way and hopefully encourage you to start your own startup with Twilio.

    At 12:30pm to 1:10pm, Thursday 22nd September

  • Fun and games with Twilio

    by Ricky Robinett

    We'll show off some of the coolest apps built for fun before diving into a discussion on why building games and toys is a natural first step for developers exploring new tools like Twilio.

    At 12:30pm to 1:10pm, Thursday 22nd September

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  • Launch: OrderFlowers.com

    by Jim Bricker

    See how we used Twilio to become the largest pizza mobile ordering company in the world, in just a month. We will also be announcing our next good smelling vertical live on stage.

    At 1:20pm to 1:30pm, Thursday 22nd September

  • Twilio And Appcelerator With Twilio Client SDKs

    by Kevin Whinnery

    Titanium Mobile allows developers to develop pure native iOS and Android applications in a single JavaScript codebase. When combined with the Twilio APIs, developers can create apps for these two leading mobile platforms that include compelling telephony features. In this presentation, we will take a look at integrating the Twilio APIs into a Titanium Mobile application, including the new Twilio Client SDK for VoIP communications in mobile apps. Titanium experience is useful, but not required.

    At 1:20pm to 1:30pm, Thursday 22nd September

  • Productizing Twilio Applications

    by Patrick McKenzie

    Most of the Twilio Quick Start code demonstrates "Hello World, I'm Talking You Your Telephone". That's great, but actually building a business on Twilio means your application has to solve some important design considerations. This topic covers design and development of Twilio applications to make them easier to develop, easier to deploy, easier to secure, and easier to delight customers.

    At 1:35pm to 2:05pm, Thursday 22nd September

  • Panel: Twilio For Call Tracking

    by Adriana Landaverde, Sam Boonin and Ty Wang

    The most qualified leads pick up the phone. Twilio powers Trulia Instant Leads where each agent is provisioned with an individual phone number that increases leads visibility and conversion rates. GoodData gives Twilio customers advanced call tracking analytics. Come hear the experts on getting the most from Twilio powered call tracking.

    At 2:10pm to 2:50pm, Thursday 22nd September

  • The Power Of Twilio For Healthcare

    by Kevin Morrill

    Capito Life Technologies uses the power of Twilio to change the way healthcare providers and researchers communicate with patients. Learn about how choosing the right communication approach can shape patient and consumer behavior and accelerate new discoveries in medicine.

    At 3:05pm to 3:30pm, Thursday 22nd September

  • Twilio And Enterprise Mobility

    by Jonathan Ozeran

    A growing number of enterprise mobile applications are being created to help solve common workforce and salesforce challenges. Jonathan will speak on opportunities to extend them with Twilio SMS and voice automation by discussing these topics:

    • Improving the collection, transport & reliability of field data
    • Coordinating in-the-field support and training
    • Optimizing user identity verification
    • Handling speech-to-text transcription
    • Simplifying procurement across devices and interfaces

    At 3:05pm to 3:30pm, Thursday 22nd September

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  • Ecommerce By Phone: Leverage Twilio To Sell

    by Cesar Pereira

    A global retailer challenged Schwarz Supply Source to provide the ability to place supply orders while offline in addition to their existing ecommerce site. Schwarz needed a system that could integrate and leverage all capabilities of their existing systems. Streamlining workflow to ensure a perfect balance of speed, usability and functionality were very important. Discover how they used Twilio to expose typical ecommerce features over the phone and the numerous benefits over other solutions.

    At 4:05pm to 4:30pm, Thursday 22nd September

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  • Taking CRM To The Next Level With Twilio

    by Amanda Anderson

    Learn how Twilio has opened the door for CRM products and apps. By integrating Twilio and building products such as click-to-call, screen-pops, web chats, and call center systems, the usability and the value of CRM is increased. At Epicom, we don’t view CRM as just a system, but instead we see it as the centerpiece of an entire ecosystem of web-based applications. Because Twilio’s API is easy to work with, robust, and scalable, we are able to build CRM products that directly impact a business.

    At 4:05pm to 4:30pm, Thursday 22nd September

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  • Using State Machines To Add Call Workflows To Your Apps

    by Shajith Chacko

    This talk will cover the lessons learned from building Zendesk Voice. The talk will emphasize why and how you should use state machines to model call workflow in your application. We will also introduce a Ruby library we extracted out of Zendesk Voice, and show code that uses it to implement call workflow in a simple and scalable manner.

    At 4:35pm to 5:00pm, Thursday 22nd September

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