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  • Cultural & language considerations for global branding

    by MotherTongue_London

    It's an interesting observation that many communicators can spend tens of thousands of pounds creating a marketing message in English, yet when that same message is needed for foreign markets, a simple translation is deemed to be enough to transfer all the brand values into words that will resonate in a culturally sensitive way within the local market. The fact is, there's a lot more to it than that.

    Illustrated via a series of case histories, and real concept research you'll discover how to do it and equally importantly, how not to do it

  • Global positioning

    It’s hard to find an organisation with over 161,000 employees, spread across firms in 154 countries, that is willing to reposition itself and drastically modernise its brand. But that’s precisely what PwC has done – with enough creative and strategic flair to be named co-winner of the Grand Prix at this year’s Transform Awards.

    PwC now speaks with a single voice and visually distinguishes itself from its competitors. Mike McMurphy joins us from New York to tell us how this was achieved.

  • Implementation

    by DSM Company

    Strategy, tick. Values, tick. Visual identity, tick.

    For some companies, that's when they start working out how they'll achieve it. Yet the implementation will most likely take the bulk of budget. Three companies who tackled implementation from the outset discuss their experiences.

    This session will be moderated by Gideon Wilkinson from Endpoint.

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