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  • Symbian: collaboration, open, closed, dead?

    by Stephen Walli

    The quickly changing landscape of mobile technologies, products and services requires a continuous adjustment of the business and development models built around them. The Symbian operating system is an excellent example of this need to constantly readjust. Symbian started life as a closed and proprietary software product built by PSION in the late 1980's. In 1998 Symbian Ltd. was formed, a joint venture between world leading mobile technology companies. In 2008 Nokia acquired Symbian Ltd and in 2009 created the Symbian Foundation. The Symbian code was fully open sourced in early 2010, whilst the Symbian Foundation closed its doors in late 2010. Today the code is available via a Nokia platform and its future is uncertain since Nokia have entered into a collaboration deal with Microsoft.

    In this talk Stephen will examine why Symbian has moved from a single vendor closed model, through a closed collaborative model and on into an open collaborative model. Stephen will also look at some of the challenges facing mobile companies with respect to adopting an open innovation model, using the history of Symbian to illustrate some of the potential pitfalls for companies in this space.

    At 11:30am to 12:10pm, Thursday 8th September

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