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Ralph Holzmann;

JavaScripter at @twitter. Married to @hnanners. Creator of sendtodropbox.com and co-author of yepnopejs.com. Catholic. Libertarian.

Lon Ingram

Lead Frontend Dev at Waterfall, JSConf.EU reject, and all-around awesome guy. bio from Twitter

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Ricky de Laveaga

wearer of many headphones bio from Twitter

Anton Kovalyov

Firefox Engineer / Author of JSHint / ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ bio from Twitter

Dave Rupert

Lead developer for @paravelinc, co-host of @shoptalkshow and @atxwebshow, ❤ @jessrupe, breakfast tacos. (日本語OK) bio from Twitter

J. Ryan Stinnett

Software Engineer at Mozilla working on Firefox Dev Tools

Annette Calabrese

Freelance web designer and developer living the dream in Austin, TX. bio from Twitter

Tom Dale

Co-founder at Tilde, maintainer of Ember.js. Make decisions so your users don't have to. bio from Twitter

Leah Silber

Co-founder at @tildeio, @GoGaRuCo, @EmberConf and @RailsConf Organizer, @emberjs Core Team Member and all around technophile.

Sharon Cichelli

.NET developer at Headspring, open-source contributor, author of GirlWritesCode.com bio from Twitter


Code admirer, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, lover of OpenSource and community driven development. Stop in at Unicon and say hi. bio from Twitter


Math/Classics nerd, software developer in Austin, TX bio from Twitter

John Newman

Designer & UX Developer bio from Twitter

Charles Himmer

When I'm not spending time with my wife or two daughters I can normally be found playing with the latest web technologies. bio from Twitter

Zeljko Dakic

I am developer. Ruby and javascript are my thing, principal of dakic online llc, father of cute kids. rebelmouse http://www.rebelmouse.com/zeljko bio from Twitter

Pedro Reys

I write code. For living and for fun. I like motorsports and soccer. Used to be a scuba diver. And I love my wife. bio from Twitter

David Rose

Web developer bio from Twitter

David Babbitt

Mountain biker. Runner. Developer. bio from Twitter

Chris Ruppel

Web Chef @FourKitchens in Austin, TX. Webperf, mobile dev, and Drupal

Joel Klabo

Some guy. iOS at Yammer. bio from Twitter

Andrew Hedges

Ask me about my vow of silence.

Jimmy Bogard

I accept pull requests bio from Twitter

Boaz Sender

I am a flâneur at @Bocoup. Boston Bop all day. bio from Twitter

Casey Locker

Web Developer, puzzle solver, monkey trainer, fake astronaut bio from Twitter

Margaret Leibovic

Firefox engineer at Mozilla. I like the web, running, and food. bio from Twitter

Allison Urban

Software Developer at MailChimp. I collect sentences at http://1sentencedaily.tumblr.com and images at http://seedthings.tumblr.com. bio from Twitter

Aaron Forsander

I have a blanket with three wolves on it. I've given them names. I sleep with it every night. bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Brian LeRoux

starting something new @begin ♥⚛⚓ bio from Twitter

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