Sessions at Web Directions Unplugged about SproutCore on Thursday 12th May

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  • App development solutions in depth

    by Tony Guntharp, David Kaneda, Yehuda Katz and Dave Johnson

    Building applications adds a whole new level of complexity beyond what developers have been used to when it comes to developing for the web. In this session we look at a number of JavaScript Frameworks, and solutions for packing your HTML5/JS/CSS as apps to be deployed onto iOS, Android, Playbook, webOS, and other platforms as native apps. Hear about

    • SenchaTouch, a rich, sophisticated framework for developing native quality apps using web technologies, from the lead architect of the framework, David Kaneda
    • SproutCore, the open source application development framework
    • Appcelerator, a development environment for building apps using JavaScript
    • PhoneGap, an application platform giving developers access to OS level APIs on iOS, Android and many other platforms

    In this session you’ll hear details on each of these solutions, and get the chance to ask questions of the presenters.

    At 10:45am to 12:40pm, Thursday 12th May