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Monday 5th September 2011

  • Unusability

    by Matt Gemmell

    For too long, the field of user experience has preached about pandering to ordinary users - meeting their needs, empowering and even delighting them. iOS devices (and many of the apps that run on them) are often lauded as the pinnacle of user-centric design, but sociopathic developers can take heart: it's still possible to design extremely unfriendly software. Join me on an evil tour of the very best principles of user-hostile design.

    At 10:00am to 10:45am, Monday 5th September

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  • Intro to Core Data Workshop

    by Marcus S. Zarra

    This is a full day workshop on Core Data. In this session we will start at the beginning of Core Data and work very quickly up to the daily usage of Core Data. What do we use most often and how? What do all of the bits do?

    Some things we will be discussing:

    • Creating a Core Data Stack
    • Creating managed objects
    • Finding existing managed objects
    • Versioning the data model

    This will be a workshop format so there will be exercises and one on one opportunities as well as open periods where the class decides what direction the tutorials will take.

  • Not just a pretty picture...

    by Sarah Parmenter

    It's all too easy to get blinded by a beautiful interface design, but the real work starts long before you start layering gradients, bevels and highlights in your favourite graphics editor. Designing for iOS presents its own unique set of challenges that can easily show the rookie from the professional. In 18 minutes, Sarah will be addressing the most common challenges, through her experience as a user interface designer.

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