Sessions at Update 2011 on Monday 5th September

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  • Unusability

    by Matt Gemmell

    For too long, the field of user experience has preached about pandering to ordinary users - meeting their needs, empowering and even delighting them. iOS devices (and many of the apps that run on them) are often lauded as the pinnacle of user-centric design, but sociopathic developers can take heart: it's still possible to design extremely unfriendly software. Join me on an evil tour of the very best principles of user-hostile design.

    At 10:00am to 10:45am, Monday 5th September

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  • One Web

    by Jeremy Keith

    The range of devices accessing the web is increasing. We are faced with a choice in how we deal with this diversity. We can either fracture the web by designing a multitude of device-specific silos, or we can embrace the flexibility of the web and create experiences that can adapt to any device or browser.

    At 11:10am to 12:15pm, Monday 5th September

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