Sessions at UX Bootcamp: Prototying in Code on Thursday 21st July

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  • Code Fitness

    by Anna Debenham

    Code Fitness Program

    Introduction to HTML
    * What HTML, CSS and Javascript do
    * The basic HTML structure template including <head>, <script>, <link> and <body> tags
    * How to write comments in HTML and CSS
    * Opening and closing tags
    * Indenting code
    * Basic text elements including paragraphs, lists and headings


    * Inline images
    * Background Images

    Introduction to CSS
    * Introduction to writing CSS
    * The cascade
    * Specificity
    * Grouping elements
    * Changing font size and color
    * Background colors
    * Appling styles to nested elements

    Getting started with layout
    * divs and spans
    * Difference between block and inline elements
    * Introduction to section, article, header, nav, footer, aside, figure and figcaption
    * Widths, heights and floats
    * The box model
    * Introduction to margin, padding and border.
    * Positions (fixed, relative and absolute)

    * Simple hover interactions

    At 9:00am to 6:00pm, Thursday 21st July

    Coverage slide deck

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