Sessions at UX Week 2011 about User Experience with slides

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Wednesday 24th August 2011

  • Designing Smart Things: User Experience Design for Networked Devices

    by Mike Kuniavsky

    The wide availability of many different kinds of network-connected digital devices—from tablets to TVs to bathroom scales and cars—raises deep questions about how to design user experiences for and with those devices. In this workshop Mike Kuniavsky, author of Smart Things: Ubiquitous Computing User Experience Design, will introduce you to concepts of user experience design for the post-PC/post-phone world.

    How do you design experiences that transcend a single device, or even a family of devices? How do you create experiences that exist simultaneously in your hand and in the cloud?

    Using plentiful examples drawn from cutting edge products and the history of technology, Mike will describe underlying trends, show the latest developments and ask some broader questions. As a group, we will analyze the big hits and disasters to uncover what makes a successful ubiquitous computing user experience, and what doesn’t.

    This workshop will introduce both fundamental concepts of ubiquitous computing user experience design and specific techniques for designing services and interfaces.

    Topics covered will include:

    • Design for multiple scales
    • Design for services used by multiple devices
    • Rethinking everyday objects and experiences
    • Understanding use context
    • Hardware/software mashups
    • Sketching in hardware

    Expect hands-on design explorations, group ideation and the opportunity to make the abstract future of user experience design a little more concrete.

    At 9:00am to 5:30pm, Wednesday 24th August

Thursday 25th August 2011

  • Only Good Touching: Doing UX Strategy and Design in a Multi-touchpoint Universe

    by Paula Wellings, Todd Wilkens and Chris Risdon

    Have you ever wanted to make an orchestrated, integrated, cross-product, multi-channel, location-sensitive, smart commerce, service designed product ecosystem for the masses? Yes?! Then this workshop is for you! Except that in this workshop, we will throw out the buzz words and provide a sensible framework for bringing products and services into both the glory and the minutia of people’s everyday lives. We will focus on the power and peril of a touchpoint. Just because you can touch someone, does that mean you should? We will explore how you can ensure that every occasion where your organization touches or connects with a person’s life is appropriate, relevant, meaningful, and endearing.

    The structure for the day will be a mix of shared insights and case studies followed by group activities to put the ideas into practice. When you wrap up the day, you will have:

    • guiding principles for engaging with people across time and space
    • a frame work for mapping human experience across multiple situations and interactions
    • skills and tools for generating concepts for appropriate, relevant, meaningful, and endearing “touching”
    • an understanding of how to prototype and orchestrate experiences for a variety of connection points
    • a commitment to not being that creepy guy on the bus

    At 9:00am to 5:30pm, Thursday 25th August

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