Sessions at UX Week 2011 about Pixar and Interaction Design on Friday 26th August

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  • Making Software or Making A Movie?

    by Murat Konar and Murat Konar

    Pixar has been making successful movies for over two decades, but can that same process be applied to making animation software? For the last seven years, Pixar has been rebuilding its proprietary movie-making software from scratch. There are many challenges when designing a complex system, especially when it is for users down the hall. Furthermore, designing a system that feels natural and fully functional for both technical and non-technical artists has been an interesting problem that has been iterated on since the first version of the software. This talk will first explore the process of writing this software and the impact Pixar’s culture has on its development. In conjunction, I will explore the pros and cons of designing for the variety of expert artists at Pixar and how we have tried to integrate very competing workflows into one cohesive piece of software.

    At 12:00pm to 12:30pm, Friday 26th August