Sessions at UX Brighton 2011 about Gerontechology

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Friday 4th November 2011

  • The aging question, dignity through design

    by Simon Johnson

    There are currently 11 million people in the UK aged between 45 and 60. They own 70% of the nation's wealth. In 20 years time they could own 85-90% of disposable income in the UK. Recent figures show that those aged 50+ spend more time online that 18-24 year olds. In addition, there are equal numbers of those over 55 with iPhones as there are in the 24-30 age bracket, which challenges the assumption older generations don't use cutting edge technology.
    Simon will talk about the role that technology plays in older adults lives; how their relationship with technology differs to that of the young; how having the latest gadgets helps you keep connected; how technology can alienate and stigmatise older users; what older people may want out of technology. He’ll highlight the myths and bust a few along the way before discussing a Universal Design solution.

    What he’s known for?
    In his own words, Simon is ‘a mad Geordie that grew up in the Bahamas and lives with his Nepalese wife and 4 cats in SE London’. He’s also an experienced Usability Consultant and designer with strong qualitative research background. In particular ethnographic research including contextual/depth interviews with more than 300 user interviews on the behalf of international blue chip clients.
    Skills include; writing discussion guides, conducting lab and field interviews, running diary studies, analysis, documenting findings, strong designs skills, presenting and running UCD
    He’s also involved with the UK Usability scene having spoken at UPA in London and Brighton on several occasions.

    The credentials
    Running ethnography projects for Vodafone and Sky. As a usability consultant with Flow Interactive, mainly doing lab-based interviews for clients including tfl, The Guardian, Reuters, Law society, Yell, Play.com, SonyBMG, etc.

    At 2:00pm to 2:40pm, Friday 4th November

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